This is a blog for discussion of development on the 32feet.NET library, which provides Bluetooth, IrDA, and OBEX support for .NET. The library is available from and I am Alan McFarlane, the maintainer of the library and am based in Scotland. 🙂

The main recent work has been on adding Widcomm/Broadcom support to the library, and I’ve been working on that for around seven months. The code repository (at CodePlex) contains a document on that project (32feet and Widcomm.doc), it is kept up-to-date with the status of the support, but there has been interest from many parties in learning more about the current and future development work, and also the best way to contribute.

So I hope to write here on those subjects, discussing what features I’m working on and what help would be useful. Often I have implemented support for a feature but it needs testing before I want it to hit the trunk repository. I could post that code here and if feedback says that it works well and doesn’t break anything then it would allow me to commit the new feature quicker.