Its been reported in the forums that BluetoothListener eventually stops accepting new connections.  I’ve reproduced this on Windows XP where new connections stop being accepted but it appears that the client device reports that it is still managing to form new connections.  I’ve still to go and test this on Windows Mobile.  If its Win32 only, then maybe its again related to Widcomm Thread restrictions on Win32  A workaround according to the reporter is to stop the BluetoothListener and create a new one.

I’ve added a new method to the ConsoleMenuTesting/DeviceMenuTesting test apps to test these scenarios.  Use “ListenAcceptMultiple” and “ConnectMultipleTimes” on the two sides.

The fault again seems to be that Widcomm stops reporting the respective event(s)…

UPDATE: Testing on WM (on my iPAQ) shows that this problem doesn’t occur there.  It just keeps on accepting connection.  So the problem is Win32 only!