Available from http://32feet.codeplex.com/releases/view/39346

Release Notes

The code is stable, the libraries are Strong-Named, but the Help is not integrated into Visual Studio’s Help.

The main features and bug fixes in this release are as follows. For Bluetooth:
• FIX BluetoothRadio.LocalAddress is all zeros in v2.5 on WM+MSFT (bug 26123) — as broken at version 2.5
• Live discovery — prototype for Widcomm and WM+MSFT (bug 28491) — see the User Guide for more information
• Support setting BluetoothRadio.Name on Win32+MSFT (bug 26149)
• SDP support for 64-bit integers and parsing 128-bit integers (bug 26118, 26119, 28884)

For Bluetooth on Widcomm:
• Support BtRadio.set_Mode (can CE/WM only) (bug 26239)
• BtRadio.Mode reports wrong values when radio has been turned off (bug 26240) — this requires a recent versions of the Widcomm stack
• Fully Widcomm threading compatible including on CE/WM — this is for instance visible to the developer in that Connect can now be called from EndDiscoverDevices etc (bug 26186, 26194, 26195, 26868)
• Close connections on app crash etc (bug 28628)
• Use OnStackStatusChange to close connections when radio turned off (bug 28623)

There are no OBEX or IrDA changes in this release.

For Widcomm, various users have reported that there are problems on desktop Windows with newer versions of the Widcomm stack, with for instance BluetoothClient.Connect failing with a SocketException with it message including the code “PortLookup_NoneRfcomm”. We now supply two versions of 32feetWidcomm.dll for Win32 for this reason. Unfortunately when to use them is complex— I wish Widcomm had been a bit cleverer about how they provided their Vista support. 😦 (Note that Bluecove on Java also has to supply two versions of the DLL presumably for similar reasons ).

  • Normal 32feetWidcomm.dll version: Works even when the Microsoft Bluetooth stack is also active, and so allows multi-stack support. But might not work on newer version installations of the Widcomm stack.
  • “SDK6” version: May be required on newer version installations of the Widcomm stack, but will not work when the Microsoft Bluetooth stack is active.

We also now include copies of the 32feetWidcomm.dll for x64, let me know if it works for you, it is untested by us.