I’ve added support for Secure Simple Pairing (SSP) for Windows 7 and Vista SP2 using the Microsoft stack.  When a Windows 7/etc PC has a Bluetooth version 2.1 dongle (radio/controller) attached and a version 2.1 device is to be atempts to authenticate then one of the new SSP authentication methods will be used.  Previously we had support only for the original Bluetooth PIN authentication method and thus BluetoothWin32Authentication would ignore SSP authentication attempts.  It aims to supports all the authentication methods, although I’ve managed to test only the NumericalComparison/JustWorks methods, and not Passkey, PasskeyNotification and OutOfBand methods.

From the BluetoothWin32Authentication class documentation:

[…] the callback includes a parameter of type BluetoothWin32AuthenticationEventArgs. Various authentication methods are available in Bluetooth version 2.1 and later. Which one is being used is indicated by the AuthenticationMethod property. If it is Legacy then the callback method should set the Pin property.

For the other authentication methods e.g. NumericComparison or OutOfBand the callback method should use one or more of the other properties and methods e.g. NumberOrPasskeyAsString, NumberOrPasskey, Confirm, ResponseNumberOrPasskey, ConfirmOob etc.

For more information see the class documentation and the user guide (http://32feet.codeplex.com/wikipage?title=BluetoothWin32Authentication)

Let me have your feedback.

No changes to BluetoothSecurity.PairRequest nor BluetoothWin32Authentication.New(BluetoothAddress,String).  Those will be considered in the future based on your feedback.  This also affects BluetoothClient.SetPin etc.

UPDATED: Renamed to NumberOrPasskey from  NumberOrPasscode etc